Raymond Zeng

About Raymond Zeng

Raymond Zeng was born to a family of artists and educators in 1993 in Canada. He began his musical studies with Mrs. Carla Read when he was 6 years old. He completed his piano studies from Grades 1 to 6 in 6 months. He made his Grade 7 piano examination with distinction when he was 7 years old, and he made his Grade 8 piano examination with distinction when he was 8. Then, he started to learn piano from the famous piano teacher Mr. Edward Parker. He received the medal for the highest mark in British Columbia for his Grade 10 piano examination when he was 10 years old.

Raymond also enjoys composing. He composed the official song for the city of Coquitlam and had it premiered in February 2005 with the Panorama Heights choir. From then on, choirs from many schools in Coquitlam continued to sing "The Coquitlam Song" in special occasions, including the Olympic Torch relay. His well-known compositions include "The Vancouver Rhapsodies", "Dragon Boat Race", "The Great Rockies", "Moonlight on Fraser River" and "Moon Goddess". On August 3, 2008, he was invited to perform "The Vancouver Rhapsodies" in the Inlet Harbour of Victoria to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of British Columbia.

In addition to his musical activities, Raymond is also a good student in school and particularly enjoys math and computer science. He won many trophies and awards in math competitions including the highest mark in the Grade 8 national Gauss contest and the champion of the Grade 9 Math Challengers competition in Greater Vancouver. Raymond also received the Governor General's Academic Medal upon graduation from high school.

Important dates:
  • First place in the North West International Piano Duo/Duet Competition
  • Graduated from high school with a 97% average and received the Governor General's Academic Medal
  • Improved and perfected the Quick Quick Drawing Program to help many young students improve their intelligence
  • First place for performing Chopin in the National Piano Competition
  • Champion of the BC Provincial Piano Competition
  • Champion of the Vancouver Piano Competition
  • Started to compose "The Vancouver Rhapsodies"
  • First Solo Piano Recital in the Michael J. Fox Theatre
  • Champion of the CIBC Youth Piano Competition
  • Performed Prokofiev's Piano Concerto no. 3 with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Champion of the CIBC Youth Piano Competition
  • Champion of the Provincial Kids' Talent Competition in the PNE
  • Highest mark in Canada for the RCM Grade 2 Rudiments examination